Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to developing our activity sustainably and globally, such that we contribute as much as possible to social well-being. The main areas in which we are developing our activity are:

The main areas in which we operate are:


as a result of the company’s main business activity

We believe in a system based on contracts of indefinite duration, with continuous professional development for our staff. Because of this, and with local employees in the various territories in which we operate, we make a telling contribution to wealth creation in each of them.


We have the most advanced technology on the market

Each of our technologies has been designed to produce high quality goods which are essential for our everyday use. Where required, “Contacto con Alimentos” [Food Contact] certification has been issued by the competent official bodies.


We promote social and labour integration for all kinds of people

We offer advice on the most efficient use of the required product, and invest heavily in R&D to optimise our processes and actively protect future generations.